Software for therapists to create, track, and optimize engaging therapy sessions for all ages.

ReMotion® revolutionizes rehabilitation through cutting-edge immersive technologies, delivering a transformative experience that encompasses motivation, gamification, and enhanced efficiency.

Our solution harnesses the power of cross-platform software, unlocking a new dimension of therapeutic possibilities for individuals on their journey to recovery.


ReMotion® is easy to learn and use, making it perfect for therapists looking for a convenient way to motivate their patients to participate in their rehabilitation process. ReMotion® has been successfully used in orthopedic, cognitive and neurological therapy for both children and adults, as well as in falls prevention and active ageing programs.


is Empowering Rehabilitation Through Immersive Technology

ReMotion® is at the forefront of rehabilitation technology, effortlessly blending cutting-edge advancements with a user-friendly design to create an unparalleled experience for both therapists and patients.

Our platform empowers therapists with powerful tools that streamline the rehabilitation process, making it more efficient and effective. Simultaneously, it offers patients an engaging and motivating journey toward recovery. From orthopedic and neurological therapy for individuals of all ages to falls prevention and active aging programs, ReMotion has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness across a wide spectrum of rehabilitation needs.

We’re dedicated to harnessing technology’s potential to transform the rehabilitation landscape, ensuring that both therapists and their patients can enjoy a seamless, innovative, and successful journey toward better health and well-being.

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Gamified Rehab

Experience the transformative power of ReMotion® as we provide safe and effective treatment options. With our cutting-edge technology and innovative approach, we prioritize your well-being and ensure that you receive the highest quality care. Trust in ReMotion® for a remarkable rehabilitation journey that leads to improved health and vitality.

  • Digital Rehabilitation Sessions
  • Real-time Remote Monitoring
  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • AI based Decision-Taking Helper

Unlock the potential of innovative technology and evidence-based practices with ReMotion.

Explore the link between studies, scientific research, and groundbreaking advancements in rehabilitation. Click here to delve into the world of possibilities.

Facility Types & Applications

ReMotion® is designed to meet the diverse needs of rehabilitation professionals across various settings. Our state-of-the-art system significantly enhances the effectiveness of therapy for a wide range of applications, providing targeted solutions for:

Improve patient outcomes with personalized therapy sessions and immersive virtual environments.

Facilitate brain injury and stroke recovery with targeted virtual exercises that stimulate cognitive and motor functions.

Enhance post-surgery recovery and injury rehabilitation with customized virtual exercises that target specific muscle groups and joints.

Captivate young patients with child-friendly virtual experiences that make therapy fun and effective.

Support the unique needs of older adults with engaging, adaptive therapy sessions tailored to their abilities and goals.

Expand your services and reach patients remotely with our tele-rehabilitation capabilities.

Advantages for Facility Owners

By incorporating virtual rehabilitation therapy into your healthcare practice, you unlock a multitude of advantages that significantly enhance both the quality of patient care and the efficiency of your business operations.

Maintain patient motivation and engagement through immersive, game-like therapy experiences. This leads to better therapy adherence and ultimately improved outcomes. Gamified therapy taps into the positive aspects of mental health, cultivating a sense of achievement and success that can elevate motivation and self-esteem during the rehabilitation journey.

arness the power of real-time analytics to make informed decisions, optimize patient care, and showcase the value of your services to both patients and referral sources.

Simplify therapy planning, patient management, and remote sessions using our user-friendly platform. This reduces administrative burdens and allows you to concentrate on providing excellent patient care.

Stand out from the competition by offering innovative, state-of-the-art virtual reality therapy options that attract new patients and retain your existing clientele.

Cater to patients with diverse rehabilitation needs across various specialties using a single, adaptable system. This not only expands your practice’s service offerings but also broadens your market reach.


Enhance postural control and stability through targeted virtual reality exercises that challenge and develop dynamic balance.

Increase joint mobility and flexibility through guided stretching and range-of-motion exercises in immersive virtual environments.

Develop and refine fine and gross motor skills through engaging virtual reality exercises that challenge and improve hand-eye coordination and whole-body movement.

Build muscle strength and endurance with progressive resistance exercises tailored to each patient’s ability and exercise goals.

Improve walking patterns and functional mobility with specialized virtual reality therapy that simulate real-world situations and provide immediate feedback.


Strengthen memory and recall abilities with engaging virtual exercises that challenge patients to remember and reproduce sequences, patterns, or locations.

Enhance decision-making, planning, and organization skills with virtual exercises that simulate complex, real-life situations.

Develop spatial orientation and navigation skills through the immersive experience of virtual environments that challenge patients to navigate and interact with their surroundings.

Improve patients’ attention span and focus through interactive virtual tasks that require sustained concentration and selective attention.

Foster critical thinking and problem-solving abilities with virtual tasks that require patients to analyze and evaluate information, make decisions, and overcome obstacles.

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